In my last blog post I talked about how to start building a referral network from your satisfied clients.

There’s one tactic I didn’t mention in that blog post – how to create “Super-Referrers” for your law practice.

“Super-Referrers” are clients who act like ambassadors for your law firm. They’re well connected in the local community, as well as much liked and respected. When they recommend your law firm, your phone rings.

Every law firm needs a few Super-Referrers.

So how do you create a Super-Referrer?

The way we did it at my firm was by creating a “Client Advisory Panel”. Every 2-3 months we’d invite our Client Advisory Panel out to dinner, or for some takeout at our offices.

In our Advisory Panel meeting, we’d take the time to hear from each member about what was going on in their local communities, with their families and so on.

We’d ask if they’d seen our latest marketing and if they had any feedback about it.

We’d ask if they’d heard people talking about our firm and what they were saying.

We’d ask if there were any community activities we could help them with.

Develop A Bond

Our desire was to develop a stronger bond with a select group of people who could give us valuable insight into the community we serve. We let them know how much we valued their time and their input.

In return, without any strong-arm tactics, they would happily go out and refer us new clients.

Our Advisory Panel would buy into the mission of our firm and we, in turn, would buy into them.

Of course we’d also load them up with plenty of promotional items like T-shirts, koozies and pizza-cutters, as well as copies our various books. That made it easy for them to refer new clients simply by handing out some “candy”.

Fixers and Troubleshooters

Some of our Advisory Panel members are natural fixers or troubleshooters in their local communities, so as satisfied clients of our firm, so it wasn’t hard to encourage them to refer new clients. Recommending us to friends or family was just one more way for them to be helpful to the people they knew.


I’ve previously written about finding the right “Connectors” to grow your law firm with referrals. Connectors are a key source for recommendations and referrals, so adding a Connector to your Advisory Panel will give a big boost to your caseload.

Source of Content

Your Client Advisory Panel can also be one of your best sources of content for your website and Social Media. When one of your Advisory Panel tells you about a local charitable cause or community event, the best thing you can do is promote it in your own marketing. Whether it’s an article in your newsletter or on your website, a YouTube video or a Facebook post, spreading the word about community activities tells your existing and potential clients that you’re not just about the money. It’s a great, simple way to help your law firm stand out from your competitors.

And, by the way, this sort of content is MUCH more interesting to your followers on Social Media than any attempt to offer legal advice through a Facebook post.

How To Begin

To kick-start your Client Advisory Panel, start by identifying which clients have referred people to your firm multiple times. Then invite this group to your offices one evening, where you can explain your new Advisory Panel over pizza or Chinese take-out.

I explain in more detail how to build a Client Advisory Panel that will you give you lasting referrals in a members-only article. It’s just one of the many resources you’ll gain access to when you start your PILMMA membership.

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