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Driskill Hotel’s lobby

As I write this blog post, I am sitting in the magnificent surroundings of the Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin, TX.

I’m here for the latest round of Mastermind meetings, where our most ambitious members come together to support each other, behind closed doors, sharing their ideas and helping each other build the law practices of their dreams. Iron sharpening Iron.

This is a grand hotel with a grand history.  The oldest hotel in Austin, it’s known for its elegance and stately architecture—In fact, LB Johnson and his wife Lady Bird, kept Suites here for years.  With such grandeur comes the reasonable expectation of excellent customer service, and, for the most part, the Hotel has met and exceeded expectations! (Including bringing dry cleaning to my room in less than a day!)

There was one unusual surprise…. It just so happened that our first Austin Mastermind group dates coincided with the Largest Motorcycle Rally in the state of Texas! We found out about the event after we’d booked the Hotel, and wondered how the Rally might impact the Mastermind Meetings… I’m pleased to say that the noise of a few thousand bikes nearby didn’t deter the group one bit! In fact, members said it was the BEST Mastermind yet!

I’ve been sitting here thinking about exactly why this last Mastermind experience was “the best” for so many members.

Perhaps the roar of the Harleys kept the Masterminds focused on really listening to each other… Or perhaps it was the critical component of EXECUTION. It’s not enough to hear a great webinar, or attend a fantastic 2 day Super Summit, or purchase the latest   Marketing or Management books or programs; you can take pages of notes, and have the tools for success at your fingertips; but until you take action, it’s just a dream!

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The largest motorcycle rally in Texas…

Each one of these Mastermind members is determined to take action, to implement and EXECUTE the ideas that they learn from each other. That’s the biggest difference. Each one, sitting at the table together was a Motivated, Take Action person.  Thus, each one had plenty to share, and thus, plenty to learn from one another.

For 2 days this group of like-minded, and motivated attorneys from across the country forged relationships and shared openly with mutual respect and teachable attitudes. Each one is a successful attorney in their own right. Yet, none in the group felt they were too smart or too good to learn from each another.  The exchange of ideas at times was like watching a racquetball game! Or light bulbs going off all over the room.

Needless to say, when they walked out of the Driskill Hotel at the close of the Mastermind they were motivated and encouraged by what the other members were doing, and also determined to EXECUTE similar strategies in their own firms. They left with their notebooks or legal pads filled with take-aways, to- do lists, materials and action plans. The bike rally might have been a loud and unexpected sound, but it was completely drowned out by the sounds of those brainstorming Mastermind members….

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Lunch with the Mastermind group