We all need vision. But most of us are too caught up in the present moment, and the specific challenges of TODAY, to be able to see the big picture. Sometimes we are so busy checking off the “to- do” lists, that we fail to see the potential we have in that day to do something bigger and better. Sometimes we need someone to come along beside us and show us our potential. The Definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over, expecting to somehow achieve different results…. Without a fresh road map, we cannot possibly hope to arrive in a new destination.

PILMMA is THE place attorneys can go to get that fresh perspective; to help them open their eyes to the possibilities, and then give them the tools to get there.  It isn’t smoke and mirrors; PILMMA is a FRESH WAY of looking at your law practice. It helps you put on a new pair of glasses, that allows you to see what you can be, and the actual path that leads to that destination.

That’s why PILMMA  MASTERMIND member Alan Crone puts it this way“PILMMA opened my eyes to the potential of what my law firm can be. Moreover, it gives me the tools to improve my laws firm.”