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AI (artificial intelligence) is one of the shiny new objects. I support AI for all things including conversion, client care, attorney, paralegal productivity, etc. However, as with all shiny new objects sometimes we jump on board because it’s new and exciting. Maybe it’s the new silver bullet. Rest before you jump on board. Think it through. Will you use it? Who will use it? Will you put the time and energy into training for it? One of the most important steps in addition to providing onboard mandatory training is to create an “AI Audit Team” to monitor all that you’re having AI do for you. AI will make decisions for you based on facts. Humans make decisions based on emotions, empathy, kindness, morale, etc. I’m just saying be careful not to put all your eggs into one basket. That being said. I believe AI will be a great added tool that will at the very least save time.

For myself, AI is proving to be a great sales coaching tool. With AI for sales, you can mark points in the sales conversation that you don’t want to forget or that include important questions that are being asked or objections, etc. This is also excellent for virtual teams. In real time Intake and other team members can pay close attention to the reaction based on voice, tone, and language. You can even get alerts letting you know it’s time to provide empathy. We should already know this, but based on the answers that prospects give you’ll know exactly when to stop asking questions and just convert. I talk about this a lot with clients. We listen to lots of call recordings and many intake team members just want to go through all the intake screening questions even though after a few they know they can convert. They just keep asking questions. Always be closing (ABC).

Assumptive close. You assume that the prospect from the start of the conversion is going to qualify and say yes. When questions are asked, give an assumptive answer. Mrs. Smith asks “Was it the right thing to already go to urgent care?”  You say,” Yes, that’s excellent. Not everyone gets to the hospital right away to take care of themselves. As a client of XYZ Law Firm, we focus a lot on your health and well-being.” Then, as soon as you know the prospect qualifies for your firm to help just tell them: “Mrs. Smith, based on what you said this is a case we can help you with. Do you have access to your email or text right now? “ “Text.” “ Great. I’ll send you a link right now while we’re on the phone together. Did you get it? Great. Open it up. Did it work? Great. I’ll stay here with you while you go through the “one-page” retainer agreement, initial, and sign. I’ll be quiet so I don’t distract you. I” “ I’m done. “ Great.”  Hit submit. “I received it. Great job. “

Anecdotal stories: Collect a list of examples of success you’ve had with clients in all different practice areas. Then provide that information to the Intake team. When they get pushback from a prospect that’s going to call other law firms before they decide, teach your team to go to their list and share a few examples of cases that you’re firm has handled similar to theirs. You don’t need a long example. Just be brief.

If your Intake team is also the receptionist, then you’re burning out the intake team. At the very least they’re probably hearing a lot of complaints from unhappy clients repeatedly. They are likely trying to transfer those calls to the attorney or paralegal but they can’t reach them. They take a message, but the client calls back again the next day because the attorney still hasn’t called back. The intake team is getting all those upset calls repeatedly. One intake team member told me its hard to get back to handling new intake calls because “I’m wearing the emotions of those unhappy client calls.”  It’s a lot. It’s very difficult not to absorb all of that. Another intake team member told me “It’s very upsetting handling calls for unhappy clients because I talked to some of them to convert to a client and told them how great we are and how we’ll take care of them. It’s embarrassing. It was hard work to convert them.”

Help your Intake team. Let them handle prospects and conversions. Hire a receptionist that’s trained to handle client calls. Identify why your clients are unhappy and fix it  I you do this,it will get better with your clients.  I’ve seen it happen.


Chris MullinsI have two questions for all law firm owners and managing partners. Why did you decide to become a lawyer? Why did you decide to start your own firm? Please email: your answer. I’d love to hear from you. Even if you decide to not email your answer, I challenge you to answer these questions for yourself. Dig down deep to recall the reasons and ask yourself how you feel today? Chris Mullins, The Phone Sales Doctor. 603-249-5878.