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The Thanksgiving season gives you, as a law firm owner, a unique opportunity to build your brand, and ultimately, sign more cases.

This is a season that abounds with feel-good/do-good marketing opportunities; It’s a win-win, but only if you get started now setting the necessary plans in place.

Building your brand and reaching prospects in your market is about creating opportunities for visibility, and doing so in a way that builds trust. It’s about relationships. The same goes for building a referral network from your past clients – it’s all about relationships.

Here are some ways you can leverage Thanksgiving to stand out from your competition and show others in your market that you and your firm genuinely care about them:

Thanksgiving Cards:

Most people are inundated with Christmas or Holiday cards, not Thanksgiving cards – so take advantage of this fact!

Why send out Holiday cards year after year to your past clients and professionals in your referral market, when you can send Thanksgiving cards instead?

Think about it: Your card is just one of many that your past clients and others on your mailing list are likely to receive over the Holidays. It’s easy for your card to be lost in the shuffle. You can’t stand out when their mailboxes are flooded with cards from friends and family, other law firms, real estate and insurance agents, dentists’ offices, plumbers, and a host of other neighborhood businesses.

Take another path to differentiate your firm and let your mailing list of past clients and referring professionals know you care about them in November. Send them all Thanksgiving Cards instead of Holiday or Christmas cards!

In this way, you will be the FIRST business that sends them a card. And Thanksgiving is a season in which we traditionally give thanks for our friends and family; So, it’s the perfect opportunity to share genuine heart-felt thanks for having been able to represent your clients in the past – while also creating the Top-of-Mind awareness you need in order for those past clients to refer their friends and family to you and your firm. The same goes for your business contacts.

The 200 Turkeys Give-Away Social Media Campaign: 

Thanksgiving is also the perfect time for you to launch an all-platforms Social Media Campaign, giving away Turkeys!

Pick a day in November and order a load of turkeys to give away to people in your market. First come, first serve.

You can order turkeys in bulk from places like Sams, Costco, etc. Then, start pushing out social media posts/videos, letting people know the date and time that you will be giving all these birds away.

Just think of all the humorous and engaging video posts you can shoot to build interest and excitement…. Like you, standing in a local turkey farm, surrounded by turkeys and announcing the big Give-Away; or Tik-Tok videos and Instagram Reels of turkeys, in all their gobbling glory, with captions announcing the Give-away. Have fun with the process as you see your likes and shares increase.

The Turkey Give-Away is also a great team-building exercise: Involve your entire team- posting and sharing the videos, planning for the big day, picking up all those turkeys and then helping you give them away. It is a wonderful way to strengthen your firm’s culture, while doing something good for others in your community.

And if for some reason you have any turkeys left over, deliver them to the local soup kitchen, domestic violence shelters, or other community outreach organizations who are always in need.

Black Friday: 

Use the ever-famous “Black Friday” sales – that happen the day after Thanksgiving, as a marketing opportunity for your firm, as well.

You can offer free Notary Services and free Living Wills for Black Friday, and push this offer out on Social Media. People hire the lawyer that they know, like, and trust. Providing free Notary Service and Living Wills will help you reach new prospects and build the trusting relationships that turn prospects into clients.

Thanksgiving is a time to share your love, care, and concern for your past clients, business contacts, and your community. It’s also a season that provides you with unique marketing opportunities. Start planning now, so you can leverage these opportunities to spread good vibes in your market and sign more cases as well.

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