PILMMA Super Summit Speaker- Barney Barnhard | Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association

Barney Barnhard

You Cannot Be Truly Successful Without Systems

September 13, 2018 at 11:40-12:30pm

  • You must have systems to achieve your greatest potential
  • Understand systems and their components, Processes, Procedures and Policies
  • How to get started and make systems part of your culture


William H “Barney” Barnhard was educated as an accountant and early in his career was the controller/treasurer of a multi-plant manufacturer employing over 500 people. It was during this period that he began designing management information systems and developing business processes. Then he transitioned into designing systems for other companies in the manufacturing, distribution and oil and gas industry. He ultimately went to work for one of his clients and spent the next 18 years building a small manufacturer from 37 employees to over 350 and realizing revenue growth from $1.5 million to over $22 million. Growing at an annual compounded rate of 35% per year for a decade, this firm was named one of 10 best small businesses by the SBA in 1994, was Tractor Supply’s vendor of the year 3 years straight and sold products to Walmart during this entire period.

Eventually he was recruited by an attorney friend to help him with his law firm. At the law firm he installed a computerized case management system, took the firm paperless and used his experience to improve and document all the processes for this personal injury firm. The firm cut its labor costs in half and saw revenue increase 10% in the first two years.

Barney believes in the power of processes to transform your business. He has experienced the transformative benefits throughout his career. Today he enjoys helping other personal injury firms achieve their dreams.

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