Episode 76:

Improving Your Intake Conversion Rate, with Chris Mullins

Chris Mullins, known as The Phone Sales Doctor for more than 25 years works with law firm Intake Specialists and Attorneys and has helped hundreds of law firms around the country convert more prospects into clients.

Perhaps you think your law firm is successful because the phone is ringing and some days, its ringing off the hook. However, you find you are still struggling to grow your firm or even be profitable. Here’s the hard truth: A ringing phone only indicates that your marketing is successful. It’s what happens when the phone is answered that will drive your success or failure. Chris Mullins will clearly help you understand the important role your intake specialist or call center or receptionist plays in converting phone calls to become clients along with the steps you need to take to ensure the right person is answering the phone and answering it correctly. You may think this is a small matter, but if a call is not handled well, nothing else happens. Great marketing is not enough if your prospects don’t convert. Chris Mullins will help you to inspect what you expect.

Dan Kennedy says Chris Mullins expertly and ably attacks a very significant problem area costing almost every law firm large sums: the handling of inbound and outbound sales telephone calls. Law firms Attorneys spend huge amounts of money making the phone ring, and then invest little or no serious effort at ensuring each type of call is handled properly and professionally. I have urged clients of mine to utilize Chris Mullins and see the profitable results.

Call Chris Mullins at 603-249-5878 and email: phonesuccessdoctor@gmail.com for more information on how to convert more prospects to clients.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The most important thing law firm owners should do to increase their intake conversion rate
  • The correct way to review Ghost Calls and/or recorded intake calls with your team and how to fix it
  • How to get your team involved and motivated in improving their case intake processes
  • The value of having a dedicated intake person/staff
  • Why you should have someone give your rejected files a second look
  • How to coach your team to successfully improve their intake conversion rate
  • What metrics you should be tracking for your intake staff and why you should always share the numbers with them
  • What is “sales language” and how should your intake team be using it
  • The one question that all intake specialists should know the answer to


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